About Us

Mission Statement

The goal of NiKaro Outdoors is to provide our clients with a great biking experience through Southern California with outstanding scenic routes, great local food and drinks, phenomenal customer care, and lasting memories.

Get to Know Us

NiKaro Outdoors is an active travel company. It strives to provide an excellent, engaging experience to each client. Fernando Sigui founded the company in 2015. By travelling to several countries with his wife, Lisa, Fernando quickly determined the best way to check out a city is via bike. Fernando felt it was an easy decision to decide to embark on the launch of the company. His dreams became a reality; hence NiKaro Outdoors was born!

Why the name? It’s all about our kids – Lisa and I have twins named Nickolas & Karolina. We thought it will be a great extension of the love we have for both of them to name the company, NiKaro Outdoors, LLC. The name is a combination of their first names. Ride on kidos!

Southern California provides an epic ride with the mighty Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. It is a place where local eateries and craft brewery mix together to create extraordinary culinary wonder. As you feel the sea breeze in your face and witness the blueness of the ocean, you will recognize that your decision to hire NiKaro Outdoors for a tour was an excellent choice. Let the delicious street tacos and ceviches from local restaurants energize you for the last leg of the tour. If you choose, cold hoppy IPAs from a local craft brewery await you when you finish your ride. Cheers!

The Tour Ride

NiKaro Outdoors’ main goal is for you to stay active and have fun! We encourage our clients to explore new places from a different point of view. The spirit of adventure, positive energy, sense of accomplishment, and overall good vibe is what you’ll get out of this biking experience. Along the way, you will have lasting memories to share with others.

Fernando stated, “Riding has been for me a world class storyteller; a masterful riding collection of stories over the years. I have experienced bike rides in Santa Catarina, Brazil, early morning rides along the beaches of Key Biscayne, Florida, and rides along the PCH by myself at dawn. There are too many rides to count – all carefully stored inside me. From the aching back to the occasional bumps and bruises, that’s why I ride, to share stories with others!”

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